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Based in the greater Salt Lake City, UT area, Beast Consulting provides expertise, support, and a framework that allows small businesses to succeed. 

01. Strategic Direction

A healthy, vibrant, sustaining business starts with creating a solid foundation. This foundation is essentially the purpose, mission, and core values of the company. They cannot be overlooked. 

Further, as implied, strategic direction is WHERE you are going. This must be known before you can figure out HOW you are going to get there (operations). 


02. Leadership Development

 Without solid leadership, no plan will come to fruition. Employees, clients, vendors, etc. will all respond to effective leadership. 

Leaders make hard and tough decisions. They adhere to the strategic direction of the company as their guide. They put in place a culture that allows employees to flourish. 

They understand that creating other leaders is their top responsibility. 


03. Operational excellence

As strategy is about direction, operations is about speed. Operational excellence is about getting to the destination as quickly as possible. 

Knowing and implementing the moving target of best practice is necessary; however, if all businesses are doing this it creates a dangerous status quo. 

Understanding and maximizes what makes your business unique is key to your business success!


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