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Directional Strategy

Build the foundational vision for your business

Strategy is often misunderstood. Strategy is a term that is used to describe many aspects of business-corporate/business/unit strategy, product strategy, go-to-market strategy, and a myriad of other types. There is confusion between strategy and operational directives or long-term planning.

Strategy can be simply defined as where you are going, how you are going to get there, and how you are going to sustain it.

At the highest level strategy is about the direction of the company. It is about who or what it chooses to be.  This is communicated through its purpose, mission, and core values. This collective vision is the oxygen that keeps the business running. Ignore it, and the business suffers.

We help you ensure this foundation is set and alive throughout all levels of your organization.



Leadership Development

Build the leadership required to implement your strategy

Too often people in leadership positions are stuck in a management mindset. When a company achieves its goals we recognize their leadership. However, bad leaders can manage budgets, especially in the short-term.

As Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper has said, “You manage things; you lead people.”

As a small business owner or executive your primary responsibility is to lead. You are the leader your employees are looking to for direction, pace, and reassurance. Employees are counting on you to make the toughest of choices.

We help you create a system of transparency and accountability that lets you thrive as a leader, eliminates surprises, and helps you make the difficult choices.

Our Vision

energize leadership to grow and sustain their business

Business performance

Value proposition design

Leadership development

Employee evaluation and accountability

Objectives and priority management

Workflow modeling

culture creation

resource allocation

System for Success

Strategic Framework

We help you implement a strategy framework that allows your team to be synchronized with projects, communicate externally, and ensure efficiency. 

Even more, the strategy framework helps you develop a pattern of behavior and discipline when evaluating projects.  


Value Proposition

Who are your customers, what are their needs, and how do you solve them? 


What does success look like? How do you know you are doing a good job?

Process & Delivery

How will you delivery on the value proposition?


What resources are needed?

From Beast

You Can Succeed!


My passion is helping small businesses thrive. I’ve participated in small business throughout its life cycle. I find great purpose in seeing small businesses thrive, meeting their goals, developing a talented workforce, a thriving culture, and be passionate about their vision. 

Since then, in consulting and coaching others, the foundational keys to success remain the same. Operational decisions may differ, but the strategic framework is always consistent. 

My passion is helping small business owners and executives develop into effective leaders, implement a framework for strategic success, and accelerate their growth. 

Why the name Beast Consulting? Whether from playing sports, hunting, or working with small businesses, I give it all I have. Those close to me began calling me “Beast” and it stuck.

I want to bring the same level of energy and drive for success to you, to help your organization succeed!

Is your organization stagnate? Struggling to keep the ship afloat? Energy tank on reserves? 

Reach out for a free consultation to see how Beast Consulting can help!


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